Spring is coming! From gardens to lighting, why it’s an amazing time to sell your home

It’s that time of year. Bright, expectant Spring is in the air. Days are getting longer, the weather is warmer and flowers are in-bloom.

AND just in case you’re looking for more reasons to love Spring…did you know that it’s traditionally the undisputed best time of year to sell your property?

From longer daylight hours enticing more buyers to the market, to glorious lighting for photography and viewings, we’ve put together the top reasons making Spring such a great time to sell

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1. Blooming gardens and green space

A lasting effect of lockdown has been a greater appreciation for gardens and outdoor spaces, meaning this Spring provides an ideal opportunity to create that al fresco dream for potential buyers.

With Spring bringing trees and flowers into bloom, your garden or outdoor space can really look its best, which will enhance the photography on your property’s listing and boost your home’s overall appeal during viewings.

While your exterior spaces are blossoming, think about a few simple touches that could help potential buyers picture themselves enjoying long sunny days outside. Set up garden seating, refresh painted areas such as fences or sheds and soften patios or decking areas with potted plants to create an outdoor space that reflects a relaxed, dreamy outdoor lifestyle.

2. Let there be light

Spring brings brighter, longer daylight that not only lifts spirits, but can also boost the sale of your home. Firstly, the increased light levels in your property can really enhance the photography and visual profile of your home’s online listing, helping catch the eye of potential buyers as they start their initial property sift. The camera is less understanding than the naked eye, so the brighter light will help to capture how light and airy your home is.

Additionally, the longer daylight hours also help in-person viewings, for the same reasons as above (increased light levels in your home), and also for practical reasons – potential buyers would be able to view your property in the evening while the lighting is still good.

3. Speaking of green space…

The great thing about Spring is that as well as bringing your property into bloom, it also lifts the whole area where you live. Your local surroundings will look greener and appear more inviting to potential buyers as they make their way to your home. Grass areas will look vibrant, trees will be fuller and street planters (plus neighbouring gardens) will pop with more colour as they come into bloom.

And don’t forget the importance of kerb appeal! Spring can really enhance the front of your home. The pretty sunlight combined with a front garden that’s flowering can create an amazing first impression. If you don’t have a front garden, then you can lift the look of your front exterior in other ways, such as adding colourful hanging baskets and potted plants, or thinking about what’s on display through your front windows.

4. Enter more buyers

Not only does the warmer Spring weather make your home look better, it also brings out more buyers. There are a few reasons why more buyers traditionally enter the market in Spring time. Firstly, they’re more willing to go house-hunting in good weather because practically it’s much easier to go out and about to view properties in fairer weather, plus it naturally feels like a more upbeat time of year, which is energising in itself.

Also, Spring is considered a more convenient time of year for potential buyers to start their house-hunting journey. Buying during the Spring months means they should be able to move in just as summer hits, giving them the chance to spend the summer months settling into their new home. This is especially appealing for families with children because ideally, they’ll want to be settled into a new property (and potentially area) before the start of the new school term in September.

Summer getaways are another reason there are more buyers in Spring time. A lot of people like to have their purchase and move completed before they spend the summer overseas or away on trips. Even if holidays abroad aren’t an option this summer, then it’s highly likely that buyers will still want to move before then, so that they’re settled and able to enjoy the whole summer in their new garden/outdoor space.

5. A time for change and new beginnings

So, we’ve already gushed about the blossoming and picturesque changes in nature that are so visible in the Spring time, but how does this impact the way we (and potential buyers) think and feel at this time of year?

Research shows that as the seasons change, so too can our mood and energy levels. As Spring sets in with its optimistic tones, it’s common for people to experience increased motivation, a lifted overall mood and general sense of excitement for the year ahead. Naturally, this can inspire the pursuit of personal growth or the desire for something new in life to really focus on – another reason that Spring house moves are so popular. What new beginning is better than securing your dream home?

It’s an ideal time to spring your moving plans into action

As you can see, there are multiple reasons that Spring is a great time of year to sell your home. From better lighting and blooming outdoor spaces to the motivational mood booster it brings, Spring really is a unique time of year for property selling and buying. So, if you have the luxury of choosing which time of year to sell, the above factors are definitely worth taking into consideration for a Spring time move.

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